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Biscoff Puppy Chow - peanut free! {Gimme Some Oven}

Biscoff Puppy Chow

biscoff puppy chow // gimme some oven -- This was good. I LOVE Biscoff but I'm not sure if this beats out regular muddy buddies.

thin mint puppy chow...it's delicious! But why wouldn't it be??  It doesn't really look like this however, you can't see the green white chocolate through all the powdered sugar. Still good though!

Thin Mint Puppy Chow (Doubled recipe n' kept same amount of extract)

Hot Chocolate Puppy Chow | One of the best flavors of Puppy Chow I have ever tried by sweetasacookie.com

Hot Chocolate Puppy Chow

Hot Chocolate Puppy Chow -check your hot cocoa ingredients -Aldi's makes some great gluten free hot cocoa mixes and white chocolate :D


20 Desserts to Make with Candy

Reeses Pieces Puppy Chow recipe - OH MY SWEETNESS! That just takes Puppy Chow to a whole new level. As if it couldn't get any better!

caramel apple puppy chow....i have so many puppy chow recipes to try now!

Caramel Apple Puppy Chow- (not the recipe on website) Apple Cinnamon Chex, butterscotch chips, caramel candies, powdered sugar, cinnamon

Its called puggy chow in this recipe, my friend made it and called it white trash, i like that better, hehehe. Either way great, easy snack!!!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chex Puppy Chow Recipe

Chex Mix’s Muddy Buddie’s may just be the perfect snack for a party! Also known as Puppy Chow, Muddy Buddies are not only easy to make, but also fun!

Cake Batter Puppy Chow - A Favorite! I made this on 10/29/14 and no one could keep their hands out of the bowl! Next time I make these, I am definitely going to use more chocolate. I prefer the cereal to be completely coated and I wasn't able to accomplish that with 10 oz. of chocolate. I added candy corn to the mix for Halloween. I will definitely make this again...it's a quick and easy treat!

This recipe is in honor of my very good friend Brandon who is currently serving the United States Air Force in Afghanistan. This week is his.

Salted Caramel Puppy Chow. THE BEST STUFF EVER! | The Cookie Rookie

Salted Caramel Puppy Chow made with salted caramel, milk chocolate, chex cereal, and lots of powdered sugar. All-time favorite dessert!

Peanut Butter & Jelly Puppy Chow

Peanut Butter & Jelly Puppy Chow

Puppy Chow.  Or, Muddy Buddies.  Whatever you call them, they are an amazing chocolate, peanut butter, sweet treat!

Puppy Chow – A chocolate, peanut buttery, sweet treat

Puppy Chow, or "Muddy Buddies," are an amazing chocolate, peanut butter, sweet treat! It's the top food interest in Wisconsin.