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Original Pin: “And they will deem me king on a throne of ash and rubble, as steel and stone bend before me in piety. Instead of petals I will have it rain ember as the realm twists and quakes and burns, and burning it will remain, as bright as my crown.

Are You Single, Taken, Or Burdened With Glorious Purpose? [T-Shirt]… …

Loki Burdened with Glorious Purpose T-Shirt

Are You Single, Taken, Or Burdened With Glorious Purpose? ~burdened with glorious purpose obviously~

Tom Hiddleston or Loki

tom hiddlestonbecause why not.been busy. saw snow. built a. - CAFFEINATED : Fashion Illustrations of Ieatcoffee hehehehe Tom

Loki - by kou-chann  Artist’s Blog

Avengers Loki commission I did for ! *** YOOOOOOOO thanks for the DD! Theres alot more pretty lokis out there and I really appreciate this alooot. and thanks to `alicexz for the co.

Thor and Loki on the road to nowhere

Thor and Loki on the road to nowhere. <--- this actually looks more like Dean and Sam from Supernatural. Thor, the older brother in plaid, Loki, the younger brother in a tshirt.


Loki - Architect of Ragnarok by apfelgriebs Fan Art / Digital Art / Painting Airbrushing / Movies apfelgriebs

Medieval Avengers

awesome series of fan art showing The Avengers characters Loki, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye as badass medieval fantasy warriors! These character designs were created by Deviant Art artist theDURRRRIAN