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How To Contour Your Face – Pictorial With Detailed Steps

Highlights are bright and contours are dark. Use bronzer or darker eyeshadows (in the crease) to create depth or contour, and use illuminators, highlighting pencils, etc. to brighten up the face for the highlight areas. It will make a huge difference!

The BeautyCorner: Comment illuminer votre visage

How to contour your face with makeup and the triangle of light (aka Rembrandt lighting). The basics for knowing how to contour your face is about light/dark.

a great trick to keep your liner in place!


The Line Saver: To keep your eyeliner in place, sweep loose or pressed powder right under the eye liner on your bottom lid. It creates somewhat of a barrier, preventing your eyeliner from traveling downward.

Where to put blush (I don't use blush, but this is good to know)

Found helpful illustration regarding use of blush, hope someone can benefit from this!

Contouring for different face types, tips. But stop trying to change your face too much! You are beautiful the way you are born!


Since Kim Kardashian’s makeup secrets were discovered, everyone has been contouring. Contouring your makeup is using light and dark makeup to create or emphasize shadows and highlights in your face, accentuating certain features.

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From Christmas parties to New Years Eve bashes, this list of 18 beauty tips will get you through the holidays this season!

where to apply concealer and highlighter map mattify cosmetics makeup for oily skin powder highlighter and matte bronzer summer makeup looks

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Top 10 Eye Make-up Tricks

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The Most Comprehensive Makeup Contouring Chart

natural contouring face chart - I& so fascinated by this idea. I can change the way my face is shaped with makeup?

Or if you’re more a do-the-minimum sort of person when it comes to makeup, just apply it under your eyes, at the corners of your mouth, and next to your nose.

19 Useful Tips For People Who Suck At Concealer

Have you heard of Makeup Contouring? It& a process of highlighting, bronzing, blending, and altering the appearance of your facial features.