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Where Do Sumatran Orangutans Live | ... Sumatran Orangutang Society ... www.orangutans-sos.org/ Sumatran

Two-year-old Mr Bernie - one of 330 orphaned apes at the Orangutan Care Centre and Quarantine in Borneo - orangutans will do just about anything to avoid taking a plunge

A barrel of monkeys...actually they are orangutans & so very cute!!!

Baby Monkey

Here's A Wheelbarrow Of Rescued Baby Orangutans On Their Way To Orangutan School

The orangutan is not impressed) - This is the hilarious moment a grumpy orangutan decided to get a bit of peace and quiet - by sticking his fingers in his ears.


Shhh - stop monkeying around! Tired orangutan demands silence from noisy zoo visitors


taking time to smell the roses ! yup it's confirmed we could all stand to learn some things from the animal kingdom !