Dean probably wouldn't look cool if he was trying.

[SET OF GIFS] Jared and Jensen playing Sam and Dean playing Jared and Jensen playing Sam and Dean.

Bon mardi #hunters ! Dernier mardi de 2014... Profitez en bien ! Enjoy your last tuesday of 2014 ;-) #SPNFamily

You got this #J2 on

Supernatural - Sam And Dean are some of the only people who can pull off the duck face.


Out of the two brothers, I prefer Dean. Some people seem to think that that means that if you prefer Dean it means you dislike Sam, and vice versa, but no. I adore Sam, and this pin just made my heart break for him.

Dean "don't objectify me" #supernatural (hilarious episode) by ive-got-the-king-of-hell-in-my-trunk

“ BELA:you know,when this is over,we should really have angry sex. DEAN:don’t objectify me.