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After Donnie helped Mikey change the song playing on the from polka, the first song he listened to after being rescued was by One Direction. Now he is forever in debt.

Raphael Meets his Match - Short Comic by *juliefofisss on deviantART

My cousin wanted to watch the only Mona Lisa episode of the TMNT and while watching with her I just had the urge to make a s. Raphael Meets his Match - Short Comic

Pretty much. I mean I've always sort of liked them but this newest adaptation is my favorite. The Turtles all seem more relatable and I love how they all have their own different looks and style about them. Just the little details that separate them as brothers. Like the gap in Donnie's teeth and Mikey's freckles

<--Yup,but truth be told I grew up with the 2003 and 2007 versions.I freaked when the 2012 show came,cause they are all now so ding-dang cute!

ICE CREAM!!! by Rirock2000 on deviantART

Wanna piece of him? by on deviantART - oh, my goodness. I can't stop smiling and giggling at this!

(Request) Turtles in Battle  by SweetiePie17

For Hope u like it and sorry if I took to long to finish this cuz I was busy on other stuff. So I drew the turtles who are in Battle and t. (Request) Turtles in Battle