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Denim Jacket Embroidery by Ezgi Pamir | embroidery | modern embroidery | floral crowns

Denim Jacket Embroidery Offers a Snapshot of Pop Culture

Denim Jacket Embroidery by Ezgi Pamir

jsarloutte:  The Woman. Work in progress.

Check out the incredible work of Julie Sarloutte -- her stitched portraits are such beautiful examples of drawing with textiles. Looks like Irene Adler from BBC sherlock

Embroidery as Art: Barbara Lugge

Barbara Lugge sent me a very nice email (I love very nice emails) with a link to her work, which I don& believe I& seen before. The detai.

Les Vêtements et Portraits brodés de Lisa Smirnova (6)

Les Vêtements et Portraits brodés de Lisa Smirnova

‘크리스타 데코(Krista Decor)’로 알려진 러시아의 자수 아티스트는 섬세한 동양 느낌의 작품 시리즈를 제작 한다. 그녀는 얇은 망사 스타일의 ‘튤(Tulle)’을 이용해 작품을 제작 하며, 정성껏 실을 꿰매어 한땀한땀 모양을 만드는 것이 특징이다.

Krista Decor, a Russian artist inspired by nature, including animals and flowers, makes tulle embroidery art that appears to float in mid-air.

Tsuru Bride

Tsuru Bride's Embroideries Celebrate the Strength of Women

Tsuru Bride is the pseudonym of Meghan Willis, a Brooklyn-based embroidery artist whose textile works celebrate women& strengths and sexuality.

Embroidery by Slow Stitch Sophie | floral embroidery | hoop art | floral hoop art

Slow Stitch Sophie's Embroideries Resembling Landscapes of Wildflowers

embroidery art

embroidery art