i want these contacts. omg.

Heart Eye Contact Lens - this looks great! I wonder would our customers like us to add this kind of product to our Fashion Contact Lens collection?

Surprise your friends with these UV Electric Blue Contact Lenses that appear clear in regular light but bring your eyes to life as soon as you step into the club.

Yellow Crazy Contact Lenses (Pair)

ColourVue Crazy Contact Lenses make it easy to get an extreme look. They are perfect for Halloween, crazy costumes and freaky style. These high quality contact lenses are safe and comfortable to wear. They are specially designed to keep your eyes feeling

Gothika Hallow Sclera contact lenses - Lose your connection to the living world with these diabolical, yellow & black FX contacts.  These eyes will add to the chilling effect of this anime character.

White-Out Sclera Custom SFX Contact Lenses - Spook the hell out of everyone with these inhuman-like eyes, which add a bold, thrilling accent to your creepy characters or demonic creatures.