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Depaysement.... @Otherwordly

cosmogyral · petrichor · orphic · anacampserote · dépaysement · desenrascanço Six words for six series of the Doctor and friends.

pronunciation | virn-O-rek-sE-ya #vernorexia, noun, english,....... spring, love, romance, is in the air,

spring breeds love and romance and the flowers bloom and the birds sing. this common love sickness we seem to get as spring arrives is known as "vernorexia" or "a romantic mood inspired by spring.

IJ,  we were just talking about this today and look what I found? Never make fun of me about Pinterest again!! It is extremely helpful for many things, even words I couldn't remember at the time!!;)

Paracosm - a detailed, prolonged imaginary world created by a child that includes human, animal, or alien creations.