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Vintage TV: the large knob changed channels, the smaller concentric pair adjusted Vertical & Horizontal Hold for the picture tube.

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Photos from post-war Japan found around the web and taken by myself when in Japan. Contact me for copyright issues and the like.

Old TV Sets: 1949 Crosley (I love the huge old cabinetry)

1949 Crosley Swing-A-View TV Set 10 Inch Tube swivels left or right. Original price on this

Vintage Televison Electronics 3D Models

Vintage Televison Model, textured Augmented Reality Ready available format in max lwo lws lw obj VR AR.

"The Octagon" - an early television set

1928 GE Mechanical television - This appears to be a promo image. Only limited production of this set

Vintage brochure in very good condition. | eBay!

Sony Television Brochure in Japanese,Early 1960's

Vintage brochure in very good condition.

1950 Zenith TV

Cool design

1950 Zenith TV - the first generation to grow up in front of a TV.

Video phone technologies were available decades before finally catching on with Skype and mobile phones. Why do some technologies go nowhere, while others spread the instant they become available?

Future past-I can remember in my last year of high school, we went on a field trip to Pacific Bell Telephone and we were shown phones of the future, such as the ones in this pin.