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Mennonites Are Like Fun Amish People

More from the Mexican Mennonite photography series, las mujeres flores, by Eunice Adorno

Young couple after their marriage. Traditional Mennonite weddings are very important and are conducted in silence, Nuevo Ideal, Durango, Mexico, 2010  Read more: http://lightbox.time.com/2012/01/24/the-flower-girls-mennonites-in-mexico/#ixzz2RgOuRogR

Mennonite Women Of Mexico ~ Emerging photographers up for Norton's Rudin Prize: Eunice Adorno, Mexico City

Slawek Gruca: Ilustración y surrealismo

flying clothes line.reminds me of my mom hanging clothes on the line.


Once upon a time a metal washboard and bar of hard soap with a tub of hot water was a new-fangled way of tackling laundry, though today it's.

This actually brought tears to my eyes.... memories are priceless! I now have some of my Gram's pretty doilies and I remember hanging them on her clothes line when I would help her wash them.

Laundry Days~spent many a day hanging clothes out on the line. Was one of my chores I had to do. Oh the smell of freshly line dried clothes.

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amish barn-raising- would we help like that? No- the Amish are a close knit community


I heart clotheslines. I love hanging the clothes out and hearing the birds, smell the fresh air. I love the smell the clothes have after they hang out.

.Rural America

This picture just gives me the most peaceful, serene feeling. I so wish I was barefoot in that grass, out in the country, with a warm breeze right now!