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Some Dipifica once in a while...>> I don't ship it /at all/, but pinnging because old Dipper is fine as heck and this is totally something he'd say >w<

Some Dipifica once in a while...

Gravity Falls: Through the Years by Charlemage on DeviantArt<<<<<(sings) This art brings all the feels to the yard

Gravity Falls: Through the Years-GOD I wish the Mystery Trio was still canon.

Surprise by markmak on DeviantArt:

We dont have the same blood but, for those small acts of kindness, you could say that we are family, I do not do these drawings, art if you ask me but I would like them because they

Awww how cute

so im like doodling again // i didnt sleep today haha insomnia ; i got to draw some fluffy dipper mabel moments ; ) oh yeah, im doing a lot of dip. Dipper and Mabel - Gravity Falls

i didnt know this was dipper and pacifica until i saw the hat

A lot of people shop Wendy and Dipper but Pacifica and Dipper are way cuter since theyre from two dirfferent worlds