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Just tell Cassie because he's the only one he actually needs to hear it.

Dylan Everett did an amazing job as teen!dean and dean transformed into a teen

Dylan Everett as Dean Winchester in Supernatural "Bad Boys." Not gonna lie, I cried during this scene. Props to Dylan for working so hard to bring teen Dean to life, and also just for being a cutie;

Dean + Castiel: But instead, we become this. The only thing I think we have left, Dean and me, is each other. If Dean says it's time to go out in a blaze of glory, win or lose, so be it, I'm in. But then ... that's just how I roll. #spn #destiel

It does get to me how Dean doesn't seem to fathom the full measure of Cas' devotion. These scenes really underline how ready he is to walk into danger and death for the Winchesters.verse Cas kills me everytimes.so many stupid feels

Jared is truly amazing: the way he plays soulless sam, ezekiel, and sam.

Also his mom and dad met after his mom watched slaughter house five so maybe he read vonnegut to feel close to her

well, his mom and dad met after his mom watched slaughter house five. so maybe he read vonnegut to feel close to her

Supernatural 27x40 TV Poster (2005)

Supernatural 27x40 TV Poster (2005)

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I would hyperventilate too if i had the impala

Dean: "Where's my car?" Sam: "Did you feed the meter?" Dean: "Yes I fed the meter. Sam, where's my car? Somebody stole my car!" Sam: "Hey, hey calm down." Dean: "I am calm down! Somebody stole my ca" Sam: "Dean. Hey, hey, take it easy. Take it easy"

Demon Dean and Crowley

Season in which Crowley remembers the Winchesters have problems with authority, and Dean remembers he looks good in a crown Sadly with SPN this is completely plausible.

"I'm here Right next to you Call me Since I'm right here Trust me Don't fear anything anymore My dear With the invisible threads of fate Trust me We are connected by them So simply stay and feel my warmth"

Zerochan has 41 Lucifer (Supernatural) anime images, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, and many more in its gallery. Lucifer (Supernatural) is a character from Supernatural.

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The awesome parallel scene with Cas and Gabriel in the Impala. <<<oh Gabe and Balthazar. And Lucifer are my favorite SPN characters, though I loved souless Sam as well xD


"I got too close to the humans in my charge-- No, if I had to narrow it down to just one, it would be you.