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But Jiminie got us all like a tom flying in the sky and suddenly realizes he's a cat xD

exo, v, and kpop memes image

was i the only one that didn't know that the fandoms have given tae and baek a family? -eyeliner family I'm guessing ;

Yoonmin is trueee =))

This is adorable :) And people still live in ignorance while YoonMin is totally real :') Yes I agree with whoever made this description:)

Kookie looks like he doesn't know anything anymore. Tae is just like, "WOA! How'd you do that???" #BTS

When Rap monster turns into Brain monster xD Can he please help me in math class?

Kinda, (I'm still in the middle of learning Korean. I'll be very happy one Korean hopefully becomes my second language, since I'm from America)

I am usually at work when I get the notification. I don't care if I don't know what they are saying I want to watch it live and then replay so I can understand.

Let Jimin be an aspiration to us ARMYs. Lets always be kind towards people

He's someone more people should look up to, a role model. He's such an angel.

Bruh if they come to Chicago again ya girl will be on the computer ready to Click as soon as they go on sale

Forget the price, how difficult is it going to be to even get tickets