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Petra x Levi:

Petra x Levi The main reason I love this is because it's really sweet and it's rare. Most fanfic of Levi these days are all yaoi. I don't mind yaoi, but it's nice to mix things up


Levi x Petra and Nevaeh - Levi and Petra's daughter ready for her new sibling!

"Define Fabulous"

"Define Fabulous"

RIVETRA : This is so sad

Journal Entry We were attacked today, and I had to lead my squad on the rebound. It did not go well. Today I lost a friend. It's not the first time it's happened.but it still hurts so much.

I feel weird for saving this, but its kinda cute ;-; -///-

I want this so much.. * cries in corner *

Levi and Petra: Bedtime by AshesNewMoon on deviantART aaaaawwwww.now excuse me while i cry my heart out