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Orochimaru & Mitsuki 〖 why is it that deep down I'm growing to like Orochimaru

Screencap from〖 Naruto Orochimaru 〗

Screencap from〖 Naruto Orochimaru 〗

I love this team.. Jiraiya, Tsunade, Orochimau, and Hiruzen-sensei.. ❤

〖 Naruto Tsunade Jiraiya Orochimaru Hiruzen Sarutobi The Third Hokage Sannin 〗

Naruto - Orochimaru x Kabuto Yakushi - OroKabu

A birthday gift for Temarcia Lol, I don't know, what think about keywords, for me it's not even shonen-ai(if it is - then, when i hug my female frien.

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Orochi 〖 TAGS: Naruto Orochimaru Mitsuki 〗 Oh mygod,why does he have to look so cute when he was younger

Like master like student

Team 7 are disciples of the Legendary Sannin. scary isn't it. I mean I didn't realize this until now<<< They're greater than the sannin now.