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Lavender is a grateful and responsive color. Depending on the tone with which it is combined, it acquires new dimensions: it becomes blue-violet against a light blue or deep purple next to a pale pink tone.


The combination of bright dark blue with blue and sky blue is diluted with lush greenery and mitigated with dark turquoise. Such a composition may be an ex


This palette embodies tenderness of spring, youth and femininity. Pistachio, misty green and blue-gray look very discreet, and lavender and Japanese pink. he complementary color of spring green is rose.

Цвета для дочиной спальни

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A set of cold azure hues is complemented with neutral green. Large bouquets of fresh colors of this palette will look natural when decorating rooms for wedding celebrations. This color solution is wel

Natural, natural colors evoke the feeling of peace and quiet joy. This color environment promotes relaxation and rest after a hard work week. The combination of green and blue and blue colors will look great in the design of the kitchen and living room. It is also perfect for design spa at the beach surrounded by lush greenery.

Цветовая палитра №2162

Natural, native colors evoke the feeling of peace and quiet joy. This color environment promotes relaxation and rest after a hard week. The combination of

Delicate floral color suitable for decoration bedroom or living room. Just such colors are suitable for the style of "Shabby chic" and a perfect fit with "romantic" interior

Цветовая палитра №1362

Delicate floral colours are suitable for decoration of bedroom or living room. Also this colours are suitable for the style of "Shabby chic" and they perfe

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Цветовая палитра №1390

Bright and juicy palette of shades of violet colour with elements of dark blue and white. It doesn’t have strong contrast and it is made in about one colou

The combination of lavender shades of varying intensity and neutral green. This palette can be used for exterior of cottages or summer kitchens, gazebos, as well as in dining decoration, e.g. 5 o’clock tea in the open air.

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Color Palette #2824 | Color Palette Ideas | Bloglovin’

Color Palette #2824 (Color Palette Ideas)

Fantastically delicate and cute color gamma. These dolls’ colors provoke the feeling of fragility and defenselessness. This combination of shades of pink,

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Color Palette #839

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