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Omg . I really need a certain person see this . Maybe they would understand !!!!

Y'all need to leave my baby Nash alone and stop saying he's a horrible person. Y would a horrible person say someone something like this. So honestly forget his past because he has apologized.>>>>> PREACH I AGREE I agree AGREE. LOVE NASH NO MATTER WHAT.

Nash Grier

SO TRUE my sister always says i just want attention, but i really dont im just not pretty *shrugs*

I really hope this is true because it's like the top part is describing my life so I hope the bottom part works too

pinterest | sarxlz

pinterest | sarxlz

Admit it. Every girl wants a boyfriend..

Admit it. Every girl wants a boyfriend. so true i may not act like it but i fantasize daily of having a boyfriend like anyone else

wise words from Granny Sheeran, thanks for sharing Ed

with The eyes are the window to the soul ;) our inner soul persona is found in the Eye symbol of Winkkey here is where you will find your .

I want a boyfriend like this...reeeeaaalllyyyyy bad!!

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it's true @CameronDaIlas @INashGrier @OfficialCarterR @ACarpenterr @jackgilinsky @TayIorCaniff @mendesshawn @mattmagcon @hayesgrier

Carter Reynolds on

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