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I like this idea!!!! -but we all know Obi-Wan's girl is Satine

Okay, this one's my favorite theory about Rey's parents.it explains why she's so darn strong with the Force

why would she pick Kylo when she has Finn -- actually, scratch that. Why would she pick Kylo, ever?

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Calavera Star Wars, Sugar Skull, Dia De Los muertos, Day of the Dead by artist Jon Pulido/Jose Pulido

#reylo #reylotextpost #reylotumblr #rey #kyloren #bensolo #trash #forceawakens #lastjedi

#reylo #reylotextpost #reylotumblr #rey #kyloren #bensolo #trash #forceawakens #lastjedi

Reylo  You're no one  but not to me #reylo #starwars

Reylo You're no one but not to me --- NO! That is how abusive relationships start!

Interesting. Had someone asked if I shipped Rey with Kylo at that very second, I might have said yes.

I like this, but I definitely thought that Kylo was spinning both light sabers to distract Snoke from seeing his true intentions

The plot of the last jedi

The plot of the last jedi

Seriously cannot believe this happened. Reylo shippers are so happy with the Last Jedi. and sad... #lastjedi

Wars then promptly betrays her/stays on the dark side/tries to kill her and everyone else. Give me Rey and Poe any day, reylo is just dysfunctional.