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The music of stones, paths of shared footmarks, sleeping by the... - but does it float

"Polar Perlin field," From the Stone Fields Series, by Giuseppe Randazzo

Richard Long  - Stone fields

Stone Fields (Giuseppe Randazzo) - algorithms are used to create stones and sort them by size according to an underlying pattern

Yuko Nishimura - Paper reliefs

Japanese artist Yuko Nishimura employs special paper folding techniques used in origami to create these mesmerizing, two-dimensional geometric patterns.

Stone Fields (Каменные поля) / Городская среда (граффити, снеговики, ets) / ВТОРАЯ УЛИЦА

Stone Fields is a project by Italian designer Giuseppe Randazzo whose website, novastructura, features a number of algorithmic works. Inspired by the work of Richard Long, Randazzo uses algorithms to.

Мозаичная дача (трафик) / Дача / ВТОРАЯ УЛИЦА

Create a rock garden for grade waldorf as part of putting the physical in tow with the spiritual. AmMeer 438 Land Art by Dietmar Voorwold “Nature is the perfect stage and canvas for the beauty and lightness, that I like to express.

kompajunior: “ Swirling ceramic art by Fenella Elms. ”

Looks like some irresistible cross between swirling windblown feathers and soft soft scales. crazy cool texture by Fenella Elms are sure to have your fingers twitching for a feel.