People call me an awful actor yet they don't know how well I'm playing them for fools

At first I thought I was just paranoid. But they really did all hate me.

I get paranoid sometime and think everyone hates me, and I was right, they did hate me, I should of never went here, instead I should I should stay in hell.

Tokyo Ghoul>>> wow same thing goes for Clannad some one should make something like this for Clannad

It hurts when you see people leave. But it hurts more remembering that they promised they wouldn't leave you. :: Kaneki and Touka // TG

Corpse Party

But they still have it even if it holds nothing but pain and anger, It's still a cold dark beating heart

Yuto Akama quote

But I know, I'm not strong and I know, I can't fight for something. so I should just continue my life like always. and god will have mercy someday.

everyday yo

I'm having a nightmare for dreaming of something i could never have - Owari no Seraph quote