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Literally crying with laughter right here xD The roof is not my son, but I will raise it :DD

This had to be an Amazon order. Probably took three weeks to get there, too, despite "Prime" status.

Violets are blue Roses are red Guy tries to buy toy poodles, gets fluffy, steroid-pumped giant ferrets instead

Omg the future of society is doomed! ^i can't tell if that is sarcasm but do people not realize the second comment was joking?

The problem with people like this…

Funny pictures about The problem with people like this. Oh, and cool pics about The problem with people like this. Also, The problem with people like this.

This is hilarious

He chose wisely…

Funny pictures about He chose wisely. Oh, and cool pics about He chose wisely. Also, He chose wisely.

No one can ever breath on this site lol

The Kraken will get you. I laughed way harder at this than I should have. Boy do I need a vacation (one where I won't go pee-pee in the ocean)- Ashley, you are hilarious!


he kicked a ceiling by accident ~how to get a detention in drama and then use a monopoly get out of jail free card


Im going to text a random number for an invitation to my wedding on purpose

My eagle ceremony was quite eventful too.  My parents are quite protective, so we had to buy one from a pet store.  It was horrible, seeing all those animals locked up!  But now, Equality and I are the best of friends, and I'm so glad that I have her!

Do all Americans have pet eagles. Do all Americans have pet eagles . do all Americans hays pet eagles? Yes I reamember my first eagle ceremony when I turned rit UShumor

I'm am laughing wayyy too hard right now...

The welsh word is popty ping? What am I doing calling it a microwave?

Because only school can teach you who was second in love to the throne during the enlightenment, but not how to do taxes...

Imaginary number

we literally had this discussion in my math class. my teacher actually said to us that if we study math throughout college, we will eventually have to start factoring unicorns. and kids believed him.