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When you evaporate and condense water, the condensed water is 100% pure water. This means the purified water is completely safe to drink, as nasty chemicals and bugs do not evaporate with the water. The WaterCone is a very simple gadget that purifies water by the process of evaporation.

Use glass wine bottles with inner bottom cut out for smaller version of the same design. When you evaporate and condense water it becomes pure and is completely safe to drink. Nasty chemicals and bugs do not evaporate with the water.

Nos dias de hoje é sempre bom ter um alarme em casa. Neste artigo vamos ensinar a construir um alarme caseiro. Este alarme funciona através do curto circuito quando a corda é puxada. Uma vez que o circuito é fechado ele põe fogo a uma substância inflamável, se não tem nada disso, pode simplesmente ligar um LED, ou talvez até mesmo ligar um circuito de campainha.

This is how exactly to make a strike-ball trip wire alarm by using just a clothespin and electric match. As it's known by most of you, a trip wire is a pass

Laundry pod. Only need 3 gallons of water and no electricity. Washes a small load in as little as 10 minutes! Great for camping or power outages.

Laundry Pod - It uses less than 3 gallons of water and zero electricity. Simply place your clothes inside, fill with water and soap then spin the handle on the lid. Use between loads, for delicates, or for clothes that will bleed.


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How to Make a Solar Still to Purify Water Project   Homestead Survival

14 Off-Grid Projects to Cut Your Energy and Water Usage

Water Storage New skills for survival : How to Make a Solar Still. Make your own distilled water from stream or lake water, salt water, or even brackish, dirty water, using these DIY Solar Still plans

Acendedor e Ferramenta de Sobrevivência Solar - Sundance Solar  Acenda o Fogo em Instantes com Energia Solar

Solar Spark Lighter – Cool Camping Gadget & Survival Tool Really? So you thought to pack your solar spark lighter, the size of a DVD, but you forgot a regular lighter? "I want to switch survival partners.

Sodis, el método más sencillo para potabilizar agua con energía solar.

Solar water disinfection - the SODIS method - is a simple procedure to disinfect drinking water. Contaminated water is filled in a transparent PET-bottle or glass bottle and exposed to the sun for 6 hours.

Diy : Plastic Bottle Water Filter ....  http://amzn.to/11RRZPP

DIY Plastic Bottle Water Filter

FATHER: MY OWN WATER FILTRATION? I would never have thought of making my own water filtration device with a soda bottle and a water filter. Very clever re-purpose for the bottle.

Cada célula solar orgânica pode gerar de 10 a 50 watts por metro quadrado (50 watts é o suficiente para fornecer energia a um laptop). "Estamos usando a mesma técnica que você usaria se quisesse estampar uma camiseta", explica David Jones, pesquisador da Universidade de Melbourne e Coordenador de Projetos do VICOSC.

Victorian Organic Solar Cell Consortium (VICOSC), CSIRO, and the University of Melbourne have created the largest solar cell printer, which can print cells up to the size of an sheet of paper.

Why Rain Harvesting - did you know

Rainwater Harvesting - Collection

How to calculate how much water you can harvest from your roof: Collection area (total square footage of your roof) x x (the number assigned to the collection efficiency of a tile roof) x rainfall (in actual or averaged inches) = gallons/year.