vintage astronomy print

vintage astronomy print, Milky Way Galaxy - photographs of various parts of the Milky Way taken in printed in 1908

1891 milky way galaxy original antique celestial astronomy print

1900 MILKY WAY GALAXY print original antique celestial astronomy lithograph

Venus will cross the sun’s face as seen from Earth for the last time in this century on June 5-6, 2012. This transit of Venus will be the last of our lifetimes.

Venus transit of the sun is a rare event occurs June 2012 and only visible to the naked eye once every 243 years. This rare event kicks off a summer of revolution.prepare for a wild ride. I CANT WAIT

Surprenante plongée dans des mondes inexplorés où reposent le secret des origines. Photo prise par le télescope spatial Hubble de la nébuleuse de Carina.

Astronomers are watching a delayed broadcast of a spectacular outburst from the unstable, behemoth double-star system Eta Carinae, an event initially seen on Earth nearly 170 years ago.

The Sun, February 13th, 1892

1872 ORBIT of EARTH print original anitque celestial astronomy lithograph


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I love how quickly things actually create in the universe, I THOUGHT IT TOOK DECADES!!!

Astronomy fact 31 of A new star is born in our galaxy roughly every 18 days. ♥ Pin to your board for reference.