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Total awesomeness!  I've never wanted a beach wedding, but if it had this, heck yes!

beach party idea party decor party ideas parties party decorations beach parties outdoor lighting Add a tutu on any boy costume & it becomes.

I love everything being under the trees and the hanging candles!

Romantic outdoor wedding with candles. Love the idea of hanging lanterns from trees, but it's too dangerous to use lit candles. Go for Candle Impressions Flameless LED Candles. Turn the timer on or use the remote to easily light them from the ground!

The new fad in Hanging lights! |

Today I:

3 25 Glass Hanging Bubble Candle Holders 25 Glass by SparkleSoiree.or you can buy the plastic ornaments that come apart and put the fake flickering tea light candles inside for the same effect :D

Aytumn Wedding by Lovebird Designs, Linda Stecenko Photography

Golden hues and jewel tones combine to make a shiny bright autumnal inspiration for a wedding at any time of year.


Winter decor - I clearly have a thing for sheer white draped fabric and icicle lights. Or, - without the fabric under leaf canopy in the Woods!

Do you both love music? Then why not choose this passion as your wedding theme? Music touches will make your wedding sound and look amazing – just have a look!

I love the simple paper hanging hearts that look like they're cut from sheet music or novels! so cheap, but romantic and the lights and fabric on the poles!

Sooo pretty!!

21 Insanely Fun Wedding Ideas

Lighting can seriously transform your wedding (just look at those draping barn lights!) Check out these 26 creative lighting ideas to add some magic to your wedding reception.

It's like a fairy tale come to life - gorgeous use of lights to build ambiance:

This is my dream wedding. It's like a fairy tale come to life - gorgeous use of lights to build ambiance