C'est le genre de phrases que pourrait dire Clarke au début de la saison 3 this is a deep quotes, but I think it's both. War gets started by monsters, war creates monsters, and war pits monsters against eachother

"I'm not a thief," Patch said. "I'm just really good at acquiring things that aren't mine." "Yeah, I'm sure you are," Joey said, not buying a word of it.

Set fire to the world.

TFR’s Writing Prompts No. 66-70

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Writing Prompt #40

"How long are you gonna haunt me?" Tristan asked the dark angel. "For eternity."his tone ice cold. Then he takes off into his demention while saying one more thing "see you tonight in your nightmares.

An accident.

dialogue prompt "Really? Then why do you have a bottle of memory loss pills on your desk?" "Would you hate me if I said I forgot that I had those?" "Very funny." [{"You left me in Tesco.

She nodded and held back the tears untill they unconditionally fell down her fragile face." He tried but she didn't listen and walked down the old, gravel road.

She was an angel craving chaos He was a demon seeking peace But they were each other’s toxic cure called codependency He tried to dig his way out of a coffin ‘cause she smothered him with care Before they lived in castles They were dying on a prayer

Sunset László Paál / Scorpio Rising, The Mountain Goats and John Vanderslice What she comes to understand

Fantasy Writing Prompts-September captain of the guard watched silently as two figures moved through the shadows.

(open rp, play either the girl or the assassine, please.) "I love you" I whisper under my breath as the love of my life walks down the aisle to the man I'm paid to assassinate. I take a deep breath and ready my knives.

Dialogue Prompt -- "I don't sleep. My mind has the scary capability of being dark and demented." "You are afraid of your dreams?" "Yes," he said quietly.