be careful who you pretend to be you might forget who you are. I've gone to long with pretending who I was I have totally forgotten my old happy careful self!

Set fire to the world.

Set fire to the world. "And yet the flames seemed to have imbedded in her eyes, a passion hidden behind the rage.

TFR’s Writing Prompts No. 66-70

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An accident.

” “Yes, why would I want to forget about you?” “I don’t know, you tell me” she said reading the paper on my desk. I glanced at it and gulped ‘Pyschiatrist uses hypnosis to help patient forget about mysterious girl’

Yeah i know that its what ive been trying to explain; is that im stuck, trapped, ect. I willingly jumped down a rabbit hole and ended up in a world that i loved at first, but that i now hate so much.

What I did to save you.

Don't pretend like you're strong. You wouldn't have taken another breath if it weren't for my sacrifice. My înlocui cu Father his sacrifice. DIALOGUE between ophelia and Copper

But it would greatly help the situation if I could actually understand what you're talking about. You know, seeing as this is a sort of "life or death" thing.

(It haunts me) many survivors of trauma face this battle daily, and yet society tells them it's their fault. Break the statistical thinking and teach do not rape instead of don't get raped.