Game of Thrones pub crawl

A pub crawl of ice and fire. RULES: 1. Instead of cheers you must say "Hodor!". 2. Each participant must at least once order a beer and say "A Lannister always pays their debts" when paying the barperson. 3. You must, at least once, take the black. That means you have to get a pint of stout in at least one pub.
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Stag's Head- Sigil of house Baratheon. You should probably have two drinks here to emulate King Robert.

A group of crackerjack young teenage poets from across Dublin take eachother on as part of with 'Righteous Verse' from

Bull and Castle- Sit in the great hall and drink some fine beer from large tankards.

See 261 photos and 76 tips from 2527 visitors to FXB Bull and Castle.

Dragon- Put a dash of tobasco in your drink in this pub to honour Daenarys Targaryon and to really feel the fire.

See 134 photos and 21 tips from 716 visitors to The Dragon. "The dragon is everything a bar should be and a little bit more, with its Asian décor,.

Gypsy Rose- The Sigil (minus the gypsy part) of House Tyrell. Show off your fabulous wealth in this bar by buying someone a drink.

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Thomas House- Occasional Thomas House barman Andy played Polliver in the show. Plus the atmosphere in here is as close as you'll get to a Westerosi tavern.

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Howl at the Moon- Finish here in the direwolves nightclub. If you are asked to check in your jacket, say "No, for winter is coming".

Howl at the Moon in Dublin - Location for our Welcome Party!

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