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Save the chubby unicorns!

Save the chubby unicorns! Digitally printed on American Apparel's athletic tri-blend t-shirt. You'll love it's classic fit and ultra-soft feel. Each shirt is pr

OK, So get rid of it already! Why carry  all that unnecessary, unwarranted, stress, try meditation, or T'Chi , or Yoga, dance, a gym work out, what ever it takes to discard the overfill trash bin in your head. Or take a soothing tub apply a bit of perfume just for you.

I've got 99 problems & 86 of them are completely made scenarios in my head that I'm stressing out about for no logical reason. STORY OF MY LIFE! Time to let go of worrying.

I know I swear a lot... 1. I am very sorry 2. I'll try to be good 3. 1 and 2 are lies. 4. you can f*ck off!

I know I swear a lot. I am very sorry I'll try to be good 1 and 2 are lies. you can f*ck off! Get custom High Quality tshirt, tank top and hoodies at an affordable price.