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Stunning Crowned Heart Vesta Upcycled to make a beautiful necklace with sterling silver and rubies. Royal Jewelry, Heart Jewelry, Statement Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Funky Jewelry, Unusual Jewelry, Antique Jewelry, Unique Christmas Gifts, Christmas Jewelry

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Ex Voto Crowned Heart silver vesta necklace, ruby and pearl, crown and heart, upcycled religious french antique, ruby gemstone, gold crowns

Gold Jewelry For Baby Boy Product Italian Gold Jewelry, Gold Jewelry Simple, Gold And Silver Bracelets, Funky Jewelry, Unusual Jewelry, Gothic Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Gold Jewellery, Jewelry Shop

Vintage Ex Voto Heart Assemblage necklace, crowned hearts, battered old beaten, turquoise gold, scrolled pattern, unique upcycled estate,

Battered and worn old vintage Ex Voto Necklace Gorgeous Crowned Heart Ex Voto inspired Assemblage necklace. I have combined 2 of my favourite colours for this beauty Turquoise and gold. I found this amazing vintage scrolled heart and crown and have added a magnesite turquoise statement nugget to

Silver Bracelet With Cross Funky Jewelry, Unusual Jewelry, Antique Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Silver Lockets, Sterling Silver Necklaces, Silver Jewelry, Royal Jewelry, Jewlery

Antique French silver crown, ornate medallion, catwalk crowned statement necklace, medal assemblage, musicians gift, 1800s, estate ooak,

Fabulous Huge Music Medal I found this Amazing Music Medal on my travels The medal is HUGE= almost 7.5 cm in diameter, and 1 cm thick- it is hollow- highly ornate and beautiful and tests for silver. The medal itself is Beautiful in minute detail and decorated with musical instruments of the wind

Beautiful re-worked locket and chain. Vintage Lockets, Vintage Jewelry, Gold Locket, Love Necklace, Upcycled Vintage, Repurposed, Vintage Diamond, Pendant Earrings, Turquoise Jewelry

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Beautiful Georgian Inspired Love Locket Who are these 2 exquisite Georgians in this locket All I can tell you is they are irish gentry from the 1700 s I often wonder who they were, and where they lived- I have taken these two reproduction portraits and inserted them in a brass vintage locket I have made an elegant chain necklace using filigree brass beads and a Victorian style puffy Heart. The chain is 18 ( 36 overall ) inches long and the locket is 1 .5 inches in diameter. I think…

Gold Jewelry In Pakistan Unique Christmas Gifts, Christmas Jewelry, Christmas Presents, Christmas Ideas, Funky Jewelry, Unusual Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Button Bracelet, Beaded Bracelets

Button bracelet, chunky beaded bracelet, repurposed reinvented, boho style, colourful beaded, huge statement, unicorn, lion, ww!, military,

Gorgeous Chunky Boho Bracelet I have made this bracelet featuring a lovely antique ww1 original brass button. The button is amazing-it features a unicorn a rampaging lion under a a Royal crown it has a lovely antique patina - Very Regal !- I love the way the very old button is accentuated and is a

Gold Crown Assemblage necklace, Ornate, Royal crowns, Austro Hungarian style, upcycled estate, statement jewelry, unique, ooak gift, Boho Royal Crowns, Royal Jewels, Gothic Jewellery, Bohemian Jewelry, Style Fashion, Fashion Jewelry, Red Accessories, Alternative Style, Necklaces

Elizabeth 1 st, Gold Crown Assemblage necklace, Austro Hungarian style, Tudor, Ornate, Royal jewel, upcycled estate, unique, ooak gift,

Gorgeous Austro Hungarian style Assemblage necklace.. I have reworked this beautiful old unsigned gold toned brooch into a much more wearable necklace. The brooch itself i bought at an antiques market in Prague. It strongly reminds me of this beautiful style of Bohemian jewelry so fashionable in

vesta necklace antique necklace upcycled estate vintage Royal Jewelry, Heart Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Antique Necklace, Antique Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Funky Jewelry, Unusual Jewelry, Handmade Jewelry

antique vesta necklace, French Antique, upcycled silver, estate, vintage style necklace, lion motif, shabby scraps, match safe,

Gorgeous Antique Match Safe Royal Assemblage Necklace I found this wonderful Match safe on my travels and knew I had a couple of other elements which would compliment it in terms of theme. The vesta itself is silver plated brass and time worn one can see the brass shining through golden in places

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I found this wonderful chunky modern lightweight heart recently and decided to combine it with some vintage book chain to create this wonderful necklace. The heart has a flourishing scrolling pattern etched onto it. The heart is hollow and very lightweight. I have attached this heart to a lovely rectangular component featuring a french fleur de lys theme with blue rhinestones.- a couple of these rhinestones are missing but it does not detract from the piece rather adding vintage charm and…

Your place to buy and sell all things handmade Vintage Heart, Vintage Silver, French Vintage, Fall Accessories, Vintage Accessories, Unusual Jewelry, Handmade Jewelry, Quirky Gifts, Green Gemstones

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Antique Assemblage, Antique French, Vintage Assemblage Gorgeous French Souvenir Locket Box Necklace Antique powder box assemblage necklace I have placed a portrait of an 18 th century Lady inside this locket memory box. fabulous to wear- will turn heads wherever you go.! The Locket box itself is an antique souvenir from Paris depicting - Dome les Invilades It has a mirror on the upper side which catches the light beautifully. The box has lived one life already-and some of the plating is…

Joan of arc medal Joan of Arc necklace Joan of Arc Joan of Red Jewelry, Royal Jewelry, Gothic Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Handmade Jewelry, Fashion Jewelry, Fall Accessories, Vintage Accessories, Celtic

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Stunning Assemblage necklace Joan of Arc A Heroine indeed- This stunning necklace depicts the heroic Joan of Arc- the great Saint in full battle dress as she saves France Wearing full armour she weilds a sword and holds her banner aloft. Beneath her feet is her shield emblazoned with the French Royal symbol of the fleur de lys I have depended this gold toned vintage pin on a gold toned vintage watch chain to compliment it. From an upper chain hangs a bronze metal Blazon again depicting the…

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Unusual Upcycled Aged and Oxidized key Assemblage earrings Very cool Boho style funky earrings I have made these earrings using really great oxidized green patinated keys. The green colour is fabulous and as a contrast I have chosen dusky pink rough freshwater pearls to go along with the keys- making a great vintage statement. I have used sparkling rhinestones to add a touch of sparkle to the otherwise rather industrial pallet. These will take you anywhere and are sure to get lots of…

Gold and silver , Vintage Star pendant, old murano glass jewelry, unusual geometric art deco style, long chain  pendant, gift for her, Royal Jewelry, Gothic Jewelry, Glass Jewelry, Jewellery, Fall Accessories, Vintage Accessories, Chain Pendants, Glass Pendants, Jewelry Roll

Gold and silver , Vintage Star pendant, old murano glass jewelry, unusual geometric art deco style, long chain pendant, gift for her,

Lovely Old Murano Glass pendant Ready to wear This piece is very unusual It has lovely granulation in gold metal highlighting each of the 12 segments of the geometric pattern. The pendant originally was also a brooch. It has a hinged bail. A very unusual and striking piece There is a 43 cm chain

The Coolest and Unique Wedding Rings for Women Gothic Engagement Ring, Vintage Engagement Rings, Vintage Rings, Vintage Jewelry, Gothic Rings, Unusual Jewelry, Wedding Rings For Women, Christmas Jewelry, Vintage Accessories

cocktail ring, vintage ring, huge ring, statement jewelry, purple, faceted stone, vintage jewelry, knuckle duster, sparkling rhinestones,

Huge Vintage sparkling Cocktail Ring. Make a bold statement when you enter the room wearing this, This ring is so cool and funky with a real sense of style- harking back to the cocktail parties of the 1930s although it is probably from the mid 1980s. The ring is huge with the front losenge shape

Fleur de Lys, Scout, girl guide, St Joan of Arc, scouting, French, assemblage necklace, Royal collage jewelry,  old french, blue red enamel, Saint Joan Of Arc, St Joan, Royal Jewelry, Luxury Jewelry, Found Object Jewelry, Unusual Jewelry, French Blue, Girl Guides, Red Glass

ornate Fleur de Lys necklace, Scout, girl guide, St Joan of Arc, French, assemblage necklace, Royal, collage, old french, blue red enamel,

Be Prepared ! A tribute to Boy scouts and girl guides everywhere I love this great French Vintage scouting emblem. It forms the focal point for this stunning necklace. The symbol of the Lilly - fleur de lys- meaning lily flower - is the symbol of French Royalty- This piece was once a scouting pin

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Statement earrings Huge boho earrings shoulder dusters

Huge Chandelier Earrings Baroque Style Massive Baroque Style Chandelier drop earrings in cut glass rhinestones. Very unusual Statement earrings Ideal for period costume dress up or movie theatre prop. These are quite weighty and are really very special I have not seen anything comparable before.