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Stunning Crowned Heart Vesta Upcycled to make a beautiful necklace with sterling silver and rubies. Royal Jewelry, Heart Jewelry, Statement Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Funky Jewelry, Unusual Jewelry, Antique Jewelry, Unique Christmas Gifts, Christmas Jewelry

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Ex Voto Crowned Heart silver vesta necklace, ruby and pearl, crown and heart, upcycled religious french antique, ruby gemstone, gold crowns

Gold Jewelry For Baby Boy Product Italian Gold Jewelry, Gold Jewelry Simple, Gold And Silver Bracelets, Funky Jewelry, Unusual Jewelry, Gothic Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Gold Jewellery, Jewelry Shop

Vintage Ex Voto Heart Assemblage necklace, crowned hearts, battered old beaten, turquoise gold, scrolled pattern, unique upcycled estate,

Battered and worn old vintage Ex Voto Necklace Gorgeous Crowned Heart Ex Voto inspired Assemblage necklace. I have combined 2 of my favourite colours for this beauty Turquoise and gold. I found this amazing vintage scrolled heart and crown and have added a magnesite turquoise statement nugget to

Silver Bracelet With Cross Funky Jewelry, Unusual Jewelry, Antique Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Silver Lockets, Sterling Silver Necklaces, Silver Jewelry, Royal Jewelry, Jewlery

Antique French silver crown, ornate medallion, catwalk crowned statement necklace, medal assemblage, musicians gift, 1800s, estate ooak,

Fabulous Huge Music Medal I found this Amazing Music Medal on my travels The medal is HUGE= almost 7.5 cm in diameter, and 1 cm thick- it is hollow- highly ornate and beautiful and tests for silver. The medal itself is Beautiful in minute detail and decorated with musical instruments of the wind

Beautiful re-worked locket and chain. Vintage Lockets, Vintage Jewelry, Gold Locket, Love Necklace, Upcycled Vintage, Repurposed, Vintage Diamond, Pendant Earrings, Turquoise Jewelry

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Beautiful Georgian Inspired Love Locket Who are these 2 exquisite Georgians in this locket All I can tell you is they are irish gentry from the 1700 s I often wonder who they were, and where they lived- I have taken these two reproduction portraits and inserted them in a brass vintage locket I have made an elegant chain necklace using filigree brass beads and a Victorian style puffy Heart. The chain is 18 ( 36 overall ) inches long and the locket is 1 .5 inches in diameter. I think…

Gold Jewelry In Pakistan Unique Christmas Gifts, Christmas Jewelry, Christmas Presents, Christmas Ideas, Funky Jewelry, Unusual Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Button Bracelet, Beaded Bracelets

Button bracelet, chunky beaded bracelet, repurposed reinvented, boho style, colourful beaded, huge statement, unicorn, lion, ww!, military,

Gorgeous Chunky Boho Bracelet I have made this bracelet featuring a lovely antique ww1 original brass button. The button is amazing-it features a unicorn a rampaging lion under a a Royal crown it has a lovely antique patina - Very Regal !- I love the way the very old button is accentuated and is a

Gold Crown Assemblage necklace, Ornate, Royal crowns, Austro Hungarian style, upcycled estate, statement jewelry, unique, ooak gift, Boho Royal Crowns, Royal Jewels, Gothic Jewellery, Bohemian Jewelry, Style Fashion, Fashion Jewelry, Red Accessories, Alternative Style, Necklaces

Elizabeth 1 st, Gold Crown Assemblage necklace, Austro Hungarian style, Tudor, Ornate, Royal jewel, upcycled estate, unique, ooak gift,

Gorgeous Austro Hungarian style Assemblage necklace.. I have reworked this beautiful old unsigned gold toned brooch into a much more wearable necklace. The brooch itself i bought at an antiques market in Prague. It strongly reminds me of this beautiful style of Bohemian jewelry so fashionable in

  Vintage Jewelry Crafts, Handmade Jewelry, Gift For Lover, Lovers Gift, Heart Jewelry, Heart Necklaces, Unusual Jewelry, Drop Necklace, Vintage Rhinestone

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Gorgeous upcycled Vintage Boho Assemblage necklace I have made this lovely necklace in my signature style using a stunning glass- faux amethyst focal piece. I have teamed this with delicious dusky Pink genuine freshwater pearls I have used floral pattern bead caps and one large elongated focal bead which has an etched floral pattern in metal. A large heart dangles from the beautiful scrolling acanthus pattern focal piece. I have also used round metal beads and a large icy chunk of perspex…

Annodized Aluminum Lime Green Lily Pad Earrings By John Brana Handmade Jewelry Durable Anodized Aluminum - Top Drawer Jewelry Antique Necklace, Steampunk Necklace, Antique Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Unusual Jewelry, Handmade Jewelry, Red Accessories, Heart Jewelry, Royal Jewelry

Crown Assemblage necklace, Imperial Qrown jewelry, Gold Flourish Necklace, unusual Fleur de lys pendant, Ornate crown, Antique crown,

Russian Inspired Tzarina Necklace I love Love Love the colours in this necklace. I found this Wonderful Antique Crown on my travels- it has the most beautiful colour combination of bright blue and scarlet. I also came accross these wonderful Huge glass beads in Orangey Red with gorgeous lucious

Heart necklace Ex Voto Heart Heart pendant. Red Jewelry, Royal Jewelry, Skull Jewelry, Gothic Jewelry, Heart Jewelry, Fashion Jewelry, Jewellery, Found Object Jewelry, Gothic Rings

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This is a gorgeous piece Assembeled from Vintage items I call this Tatianas Heart- Suggested Music to daydream to whilst perusing this exquisite Heart- Tschaivosky Romeo and Juliet overture After a beautiful Russian Princess in the story of the 12 dancing Princesses- A Superb raconteur, a Russian Lady I know told me this story as a child in the very dramatic way only she could and it has always stayed with me........... I have used a large vintage gold toned heart which I bought at a flea…

Joan of arc medal Joan of Arc necklace Joan of Arc Joan of Red Jewelry, Royal Jewelry, Gothic Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Handmade Jewelry, Fashion Jewelry, Fall Accessories, Vintage Accessories, Celtic

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Stunning Assemblage necklace Joan of Arc A Heroine indeed- This stunning necklace depicts the heroic Joan of Arc- the great Saint in full battle dress as she saves France Wearing full armour she weilds a sword and holds her banner aloft. Beneath her feet is her shield emblazoned with the French Royal symbol of the fleur de lys I have depended this gold toned vintage pin on a gold toned vintage watch chain to compliment it. From an upper chain hangs a bronze metal Blazon again depicting the…

Assemblage necklace Vintage Assemblage ooak necklace Christmas Necklace, Christmas Jewelry, Musician Gifts, Unusual Jewelry, Unique Christmas Gifts, Heart Jewelry, Vintage Rhinestone, Flute, Bobs

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Assemblage necklace, Vintage Assemblage, ooak Silver Flute necklace Beautiful gift for a flutist or musician. I have made this wonderful necklace using a vintage flute replica, and a beautiful old glass rosary with silvered glass and ruby jade gemstones in hot pink which contrast amazingly well with the silver. I have used a vintage rhinestone heart which I have attached to the flute itself. It looks great on- Very dramatic and the little heart dangles from the flute. Your Flute necklace…

Silver Earrings With Pearls Key: 5085321937 Silver Pocket Watch, Pocket Watch Antique, Antique Silver, Antique Jewelry, Silver Earrings, Silver Jewelry, Old Pocket Watches, Steampunk Fashion, Anniversary Gifts

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Beautiful Old Antique Pocket Watch This sweet little Edwardian Pocket Watch is running. Despite loving old pocket watches I am not an expert- If wound it ticks and runs -it would probably need to be and benefit from being cleaned The face is gorgeous, has gold ornate hands and black Roman numerals- there are a few hairline cracks on the dial- from 11-7 and from the centre to 4-this is scarcely noticeable and only up close. Please examine photos if you require more photos please convo me…

French antique Antique French Assemblage necklace Carnet de Unusual Jewelry, Modern Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Handmade Jewelry, Vintage Lockets, Funky Jewelry, Royal Jewelry, Vintage Accessories

Notre Dame antique french Religious upcycled assemblage, Carnet de Bal, French Souvenir, Unique Assemblage, Chatelaine necklace, aide memoir

Stunning Chatelaine Dance card notebook Necklace- Music to hum- Non je ne regret rien- I have made this wonderful Quirky Artist Assemblage Necklace using a beautiful Notre Dame Souvenir notebook or Carnet de Bal Antique piece. Keeping with the French Theme and Vive La France I have added some

Crucifix earrings Religious jewelry silver by IRISHTREASURE Gothic Jewellery, Unusual Jewelry, Cross Jewelry, Religious Jewelry, Crucifix, Silver Hoop Earrings, Gifts For Her, Vintage Jewelry, Christmas Gifts

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Gorgeous Kyanite Cross Assemblage earrings I have made these wonderful earrings using vintage silver- tests positive for silver but unmarked Ethnic silver - hoop earrings. I have added on two beautiful contrasting crucifixes- featuring Jesus on the cross - both vintage I have added beautiful light catching Kyanite gemstones from India- these are a wonderful petrol blue colour, and finally vintage rhinestones to catch and play with the light as these wonderful assemblages swing from the…

 Tips On Choosing Beautiful Jewelry To Enhance Your Personal Style. If you just received a piece of jewelry from an inheritance or as a gift, or you just bought a piece on your own, you probably want to know more about jewe Antique Jewelry, Beaded Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Handmade Jewelry, Recycled Jewelry, Silver Jewellery, Wire Jewelry, Jewelry Art, Jewelry Ideas

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Ex Voto Heart and Crown Assemblage necklace I love this Royal looking Assemblage Necklace in Red and gold I have made it in the style of an Ex Voto Heart- these were Hearts and other objects used to give an offering to a Saint. I have made this necklace in that style using Vintage items including this stunning Vintage Crown pendant with sparkling Rhinestones. These rhinestones sparkle and catch the light beautifully. From this wonderful dazzling gem I have depended a battered and ancient…

silver ring silver band silver wedding band hammered band Silver Wedding Bands, Wedding Rings, Tudor Style, Unusual Jewelry, Medieval Fashion, Stacking Rings, Celtic, Irish, Gothic

heavy silver band, wedding ring, hammered band, unique silver wedding ring, handmade ring, stacking ring, ooak silver, hammered jewelry,

OOak Fabulous and Unusual Wedding band Sterling silver and gold stacking ring This is an unusual Wedding or stacking ring which I made recently. It is a thick chunky silver band which i have overlayen some gold over. The gold was placed over the silver. soldered and then rolled in the rolling mill