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Walden two, Board-acre city, Space colonies, Elysium, Interstellar

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Comparing and contrasting the freedom of the inhabitants of Brave New World and Walden Two. To what extent are they similar or different? – Which would you choose?

Walden Two and Brave New World, are examples in which their respective authors have attempted to develop their ideas of a utopian society. These societies are the pinnacle of control of the human condition, and an assessment of the good and the bad points of this level of control in each. Philosophically they analyse the…

Images of a toroidal space colony from NASA-commissioned conceptual artwork in the Agriculture Durable, Science Fiction, Space Colony, Shell Game, Spiegel Online, Decoration Originale, Carl Sagan, 1975, To Infinity And Beyond

Our Starry Home: NASA’s 1970s Space Colony Artwork

In the 1970s, NASA conducted a series of think tank-type studies which gathered the best and brightest in space colony design to come up with ideas for how ...