Steampunk jewelry

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Vintage Assemblage Assemblage jewelry Vintage by IRISHTREASURE

Vintage Assemblage necklace, Assemblage jewelry, Vintage Locket, Upcycled necklace, Lapis lazuli necklace, Tudor style jewellery

Antique Assemblage Vintage Assemblage Assemblage by IRISHTREASURE

Antique French Assemblage, Assemblage necklace, Antique French, Joan of Arc necklace, Vintage French, Marie Antoinette necklace

Pocket watch necklace Vintage pocket watch by IRISHTREASURE

Pocket watch necklace, Vintage pocket watch, vintage watch, ooak necklace, Vintage, Exclusive, lock and key, Pearl jewelry, assemblage art

Padlock necklace Padlock jewelry Steampunk by IRISHTREASURE

Padlock necklace, Gothic necklace, Steampunk jewelry, padlock pendant, Antique padlock, huge padlock, Key necklace, Padlock and key, Boho

Vintage French Crown jewelry Vintage Assemblage by IRISHTREASURE

Heart necklace, Vintage French, Crown, Vintage Assemblage, Dragon jewelry, Joan of Arc, Wax seal pendant, Renaissance, Heart Ex Voto

Vintage Assemblage Assemblage jewelry Assemblage by IRISHTREASURE

Gothic necklace, Assemblage jewelry, Assemblage necklace, Mourning, Memento mori, Joan of Arc, armour, Gothic Wedding, Gothic, Bride

Key necklace key jewelry Key pendant Key chain by IRISHTREASURE

Assemblage necklace, Steampunk assemblage necklace, Key pendant, Statement necklace, Lock and Key pendant, Geek jewelry, Key and Heart

Assemblage jewelry Vintage Assemblage ooak by IRISHTREASURE

Chunky Boho Assemblage necklace, Vintage Assemblage, ooak Statement Assemblage jewelry, Boho Turquoise necklace Turquoise pendant

Pocket watch ooak necklace Vintage pocket watch by IRISHTREASURE

REDUCED from 375-295 Pocket watch necklace, cherub necklace, Vintage pocket watch, unique Steampunk jewelry, Silver Cupid, Angel

Assemblage Necklace Assemblage jewelry Old Pocket by IRISHTREASURE

Antique Silver, Assemblage necklace, Silver Cherubs, French silver jewelry, Antique pocket watch Assemblage, Victorian scroll

Steampunk jewelry Vintage Assemblage watch by IRISHTREASURE

Pocket watch, vintage necklace, Steampunk jewelry, Assemblage, eclectic, Gothic, Articulated fish pendant, watch fob, miniature portrait

Vintage watch Georgian watch pocket watch by IRISHTREASURE on Etsy

Antique pocket watch, Steampunk necklace, handmade jewelry, silver key, Victorian steampunk, Boho necklace, ooak wearable art

Pocket watch necklace silver pocket watch Antique by IRISHTREASURE

Antique pocket watch necklace, Victorian Steampunk necklace, Antique Silver Assemblage, engraved watch, Steampunk jewelry, Made in Ireland

Pocket watch necklace Pocket watch steampunk by IRISHTREASURE

Antique pocket watch necklace, Assemblage necklace, Pocket watch, steampunk jewelry, Silver pocket watch, silver watch, ruby

Assemblage necklace Vintage French Antique by IRISHTREASURE

Handmade necklace, Antique Silver Assemblage necklace, Vintage French necklace, Antique scissors, Scissors jewelry, Silver scissors