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There is a lot coming our way these days, and many of us could use some help -- but did you know help is already here?

The Library as Incubator Project: A Bigger Purpose for Libraries | LitRoost Blog.  "If libraries expect to survive the next generation they must do more than index hardcopy books. Successful libraries have taken a prominent role in the curation of culture in an effort to engage communities. The Library as Incubator Project has been working hard to bridge the gap, and help libraries to be a place to connect and create."

Health Communication Science Digest - provides abstracts and pdf copies of articles on emerging health communication and marketing scientific knowledge

National Libraries Day

“I love libraries & the vital work of librarians.” for National Libraries Day Do you love your Surrey library? The annual National Libraries Day will take place on 7 February and we wou.

Librarians without borders

Librarians Without Borders: Putting Information in the Hands of the World

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Library A to Z is the home of a campaign that has created a visual A to Z celebrating the wide range of services, resources and facilities that make libraries so fantastic. Visit the website for free resources and advocacy materials.

What would the world be like without libraries? Huff Post.

What Would The World Be Like Without Libraries?

The World Without Libraries: A Speculation

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