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Uterus Art | Femme art | painting | print | hummingbirds and flowers | birth art

Repeal the protesters at a previous march in Dublin. Riot Grrrl, Protest Signs, Feminist Art, Social Activities, Intersectional Feminism, Pro Choice, Women's Rights, Pro Life, Diy Clothes

Thousands of Strike 4 Repeal protests takeover O'Connell Bridge (VIDEO) |

Pro-choice campaigners are saying “No More Business as Usual” as the send the message to Ireland's government "No Debate, We Won't Wait."

Liora K's 'Feminism' Photography Series Sends Important Messages Through Art. Started in she talks about birth control, slut-shaming and more. What Is A Feminist, Feminist Af, Feminism Photography, Photography Series, Narrative Photography, Reproductive Rights, Pro Choice, Human Rights, Women's Rights

I Am That Witch: Tara Flynn on Ireland's Outdated Abortion Laws - HeadStuff

Recently, actress & comedian Tara Flynn told the story of her abortion. Here, she speaks about the reaction to her story, and Ireland's desperate need to change its reproductive laws.

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They can take it off a wall in Temple Bar but we can keep sharing it here. At least that's something. Essex Street, It's Time To Change, Press Forward, Temple Bar, Do It Right, Pro Choice, My Cup Of Tea, What You Can Do, Diy Clothes

Some people want to "censor" a #Repealthe8th mural in Temple Bar |

The artwork is outside the Project Arts Centre.

8 reasons to 'Strike for Repeal' this March 8th March, Feminist Art, Pro Choice, Women's Rights, Woman, Books, Livros, Women Rights, Libros

8 reasons to 'Strike for Repeal' this 8th March

8 reasons to 'Strike for Repeal' this 8th March | Workers Solidarity Movement

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#repealthe8th #repealtheeighth #repeal #prochoice #ireland #iamhunreal

Given how much suffering has been caused by the restrictive law, it’s ethically right to vote to repeal the amendment, even if you’re morally opposed to abortion. The 8th Amendment, Workers Rights, Right To Vote, Power To The People, Morality, One Night Stands, Human Rights, Ireland, Let It Be

Ireland’s abortion referendum: why it's morally right to repeal the 8th amendment

This vote should be about the morality of letting women suffer.

1 January 2016 marks two years since Ireland’s Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act came into force. But far from protecting the lives of women, it puts them at greater risk by making it even harder for women to get an abortion. This is Nicola’s story. Ireland Facts, Workers Rights, Amnesty International, Reproductive Rights, Family Planning, Pro Choice, One Night Stands, S Stories, Bad News

Your choice, your services – have your say

In October 2019 abortion decriminalised and became lawful in Northern Ireland. A new framework for lawful abortion services came into effect on 31 March 2020. The Regulations When will a termination be allowed? Up to 12 weeks: Unconditionally Up to 24 weeks:

Protesters demand the abolition of the eighth amendment in Dublin in Abortion is a woman's personal descision. Nobody, but NOBODY, has the right to interfere in a woman's personal life. The 8th Amendment, Reproductive Rights, By Plane, Pro Choice, Patriarchy, The Republic, Trauma, Dublin, Feminism

'My baby in a box': Irish GP tells of trauma of travelling to UK for abortion

Exclusive: Dublin medic recalls painful experience of returning foetal remains of her baby by plane after Ireland’s near total ban on abortion forced her to travel to UK

On her last weekly column for HeadStuff Tara Flynn leaves us with her Safe Cross Code for talking about repealing the Workers Rights, Power To The People, Pro Choice, One Night Stands, Rage, Coding, Positivity, This Or That Questions, Programming

Stop, Look, Listen: Your Safe Cross Code for Talking about Repealing the 8th - HeadStuff

On her last weekly column for HeadStuff Tara Flynn leaves us with her Safe Cross Code for talking about repealing the 8th

Not just the usual suspects. Irish People, Power To The People, Walks, Feminism, Equality, Twitter, Health, Life, Social Equality

Irish people from all walks of life are showing solidarity with #RepealThe8th on Twitter

Not just the usual suspects.