Póstaer: Is maith liom...

Is maith liom - I like / Is maith leat - You like / Is maith lei - She likes / Is maith leis - He likes / Is maith linn - We like / Is maith libh - You like (plural) / Is maith leo - They like

The project we’ve been working on this week is the Irish language and how important fadas are in the language. The interesting thing we found out is that leaving a fada out is more than a grammatical mistake, missing a fada can completely change its meaning. For example, bríste is trousers, however, if you miss the fada, it becomes briste, meaning broken. Here we’ve compiled a list of our top 49 words where the fada makes a difference. You can download the pdf copy here: Words with Fadas

chart showing the difference that the fada makes in the Irish language