1916 Slogans

Two posters with slogans connected to both sides at the time of the Easter 1916

Easter Rising 1916

Flashcards with vocabulary connected to the events surrounding the Easter Rising of 1916

1916 Proclamation Signatories

Signs for each of the seven signatories of the 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic,

An Bradán Feasa

An Bradán Feasa

Parts of a Norman Castle

Flashcards detailing the main areas of a Norman Castle from Medieval Ireland.


Luaschártaí leis an príomhfhoclóir chun scéal Cúchulainn a mhúineadh i gceacht Ghaeilge nó i gceacht Staire.

History Timelines

History Timelines

Anne Frank Flashcards

Flashcards about the story of the Diary Anne Frank during World War II.

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