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Types of Elastic + How to Sew with Elastic |

Stretchy Jewelry, Sewing Elastic, and Crafts with Elastic

Types of Elastic + How to Sew with Elastic |

Karen's Quilts, Crows and Cardinals: Faux Ruched Flower Tutorial

Faux Ruched Flower Tutorial

Faux ruched flowers are actually very simple to prepare once you get the hang of it. The resulting flower is out of this world!! The ruched flowers included in this tutorial were prepared for the Chevron With A Twist quilt -- published on Moda Bake Shop Feb, 2015. Where the sizes differ, notes have been included for the 2019 Aurifil Designer of the Month "Redbird Garden" Applique Block. Begin with a square of fabric between 5″ and 6″ square. 2019 Aurifil Redbird Garden Block: Use (3) 7"…

How to cut fabric straight - Ageberry: helping you succeed in sewing

How to cut fabric straight

Sewing tutorial on how to cut fabric straight.Cutting fabric straight is such an important step in creating a well-fitted garment

Bias tape: what is it, how to make it, and why you need it! (video included)

BIAS TAPE: what is it, how to make it, and why you NEED it! (VIDEO included)

Bias Tape is a wonderful thing. In fact, it's something that I have used from the very beginning of my sewing adventure...and is not something to be feared. In fact, once you understand the stuff, you will LOVE it! However, my old tutorial showing you about bias tape and cutting on the bias, is well, really old. And it lacked some pictures. So every time I link to it, I end up having to add a bit more information....and it always aggravated me. So this post has been on my mind to finish for…

Adding Lace to A Sweater

Adding Lace to A Sweater - Simple Simon and Company

Adding Lace to A Sweater: In less than 10 minutes you can add a wisp of lace around the hem of any shirt.

Sewing Jeans Buttonholes and Buttons: A tutorial - The Last Stitch

Sewing Jeans Buttonholes and Buttons - The Last Stitch

An easy step-by-step tutorial on how to sew a professional jeans buttonhole on your home sewing machine and attaching denim buttons.

Technique on creating facings

Creating Facings to Finish Hem Edges

Learn how to adapt your existing dressmaking patterns to include facings with this tutorial by Nicola Chadwick.

Campbell Soup Diary: Reverse Applique How-To with Spray Starch

Reverse Applique How-To with Spray Starch

Even though there are endless possibilities with reverse applique, somehow it seems that it is the forgotten method... perhaps for some it's just not a familiar technique, or maybe for others it's just a little nerve racking to cut that hole in the middle of the fabric. Whatever the reason might be, let me show you how fabulous a technique it really is... and that it gets even better when you use spray starch! This is the current status of my Folk Flower quilt. The block can be found on…

FREE Tutorial for making your own piping

In this FREE tutorial learn how to make your own piping to set off your dressmaking, bag making and projects for the home

How to Sew Piping The Easy Way - A Little Craft In Your Day

take your project up a notch. I love a good pillow, cushion, or bag with pipping. Follow along with this post to learn how to sew piping the easy way.

Clipping or Notching? That is the Question.

Clipping or Notching? That is the Question.

When sewing a curved seam, you are supposed to be clipping or notching the seam allowance, so that the seam can stay flat and smooth. The rule is that when the seam is concave, you clip the seam allowance; when the seam is convex, you notch the seam allowance. This is an important step. Without […]

Pinning the Right Way

Pinning the Right Way

Sometimes it's the simple things that need to be given a little thought, and that includes pinning.

how to add sleeves to a sleeveless top

How to Add Sleeves to a Sleeveless Top (or Dress!)

When I first started to refashion garments in my closet, I would add sleeves to my sleeveless tops and dresses. This and lengthening dresses is what I first did when I began to refashion. Even though I've shown the tutorial throughout various posts, I decided to make an "official" tutorial post. While I do wear sleeveless tops on occasion, I prefer sleeves, so learning how to make and add sleeves was a must for me! Sleeves can be sort of tricky to draft, but this is a simple and easy way to…