Batman Usher
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I don;t think I've ever laughed this hard before, omg

🙈OMG is that his dog in the water🐕💦! I sure hope the person taking the pic helped the dog smh how sad that poor old guy doesn't even realize he is dog ain't walking he's swimming!

I laughed way too hard.

Dane cook "and the shark grabbed my leg. Well how did you get away? Well I punched him and he ahh let me go! So your telling me a you punched a great white shark and the shark goes ALRIGHTTT!


They just can’t handle it.I was laughing so hard by the end of this that my dog was looking at me like this.he couldnt handle it.: Laughing So Hard, Giggle, Cant Handle, So Funny, Animal

That dog is so cute.

Sweet German Shepherd…Currently there are well over German Shepherds on PetFinder waiting to be adopted!