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Differences among the Flat, Incline and Decline Bench Press in terms of muscles activated, injury risk and sports performance. Best Chest Workout, Chest Workouts, Chest Exercises, Weight Training, Weight Lifting, Chest Routine, Strength Training Program, Shoulder Injuries, Chest Muscles

Why You Should Be Doing More Incline Presses (And how to correctly do them!) - Gym Geek

Doing the bench press

My must-have leg workouts in your leg day routine will ensure you're working every muscle in your legs to produce results ASAP. No chicken legs. Leg Workouts For Mass, Killer Leg Workouts, Easy Workouts, Calf Raises Exercise, Leg Day Routine, Calf Injury, Muscle Stretches, Killer Legs, Outer Thighs

Calf raises – Use these tips to do them correctly - Gym Geek

When it comes to training our legs, some of us skip leg day altogether, resulting in ‘chicken leg’ syndrome, which is not a good look and not practical either. Some of us who do train our legs, often neglect our calves, or don’t really work them as well as we should. Calf raises are fantastic […]

How To Do Side Lateral Dumbbell Raises Shoulder Workout, Tank Man, Geek Stuff, Exercise, Gym, Geek Things, Ejercicio, Shoulder Exercises, Excercise

How To Do Side Lateral Dumbbell Raises - Gym Geek

As far as shoulder exercises go, one of the most efficient yet highly underrated shoulder exercises is the side lateral dumbbell raise. Side lateral dumbbell raises are ideal because they require a light to medium weight, no spotter, and they’re very quickly performed, once you know how to safely and correctly perform them. To help […]

How To Correctly Perform EZ Bar Preacher Curls Preacher Curls, Bigger Arms, Biceps, Weight Lifting, Physique, Fitness, Bodybuilding, Gym, Workout

How To Correctly Perform EZ Bar Preacher Curls - Gym Geek

When it comes to a great looking physique, many people consider a set of bulging biceps and big arms an absolute must for any serious weightlifting or bodybuilder looking to flaunt their muscular gains from the gym. As far as which exercises are performed however, many people unfortunately tend to focus on the same lifts, […]

There are two basic types of pull-up bars on the market: removable and permanent. Removable pull-up bars are relatively lightweight, inexpensive solutions for those who do not want to drill or permanently mount their pull-up bar. Split Workout Routine, Weight Trainer, Work Out Routines Gym, Pull Up Bar, Heavy Weights, Chin Up, Back Exercises, Socket Set

Pull-ups and Chin-ups: Everything You Need To Know, including How To Correctly Perform Them Safely - Gym Geek

When people talk about bodybuilding and even simply weight and strength training in general for that matter, they generally think of exercises involving heavy weights or machines: deadlifts, barbell rows etc. Whilst these types of exercises are great for training the back, there is one exercise that is considered to be hugely beneficial, even more […]