USPA Skin & Haircare

Uspa is an exclusive range of plant-based products carefully crafted in the pure Australian landscape. Combining the healing power of plants with modern technology - blending science and exotic botanical ingredients to allow you to experience Nature's own remarkable chemistry, while giving the visible results expected.
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Colour Therapy with Uspa Hair Products

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Which Uspa products help add moisture and collagen to the skin?

Avocado and Egg White Hair Mask - Combine two egg whites with half of a mashed-up avocado; leave it in hair for 15 minutes, then wash and condition. ---> this totally works! the avocado gives your hair thickness

Therapeutic energy from USPA Skincare

Harnessing advances in scientific technology with the healing properties of plants and essential oils, USPA offers a unique mix of therapeutic skin products.

As clients demand performance in earth friendly formulas, the reasons to choose Uspa Botanicals are as profound today as when first created.

Why choose Uspa Botanical Skincare?

USPA Cell Renewal – The Benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acids

Nutritionists say that one pound of fat is equal to calories. I will discuss 14 of the best natural fat burning foods I have great experience and results.

Pure Rose Water: Damask Rose Hydrosol

Not all rose water is created equal, and there's a lot more to a hydrosol than meets the nose

The Kashmir Moisturising range supports longer life of hair colour by increasing proteins in the hair that are often stripped by the colouri...

The Kashmir Moisturising range supports longer life of hair colour by increasing proteins in the hair that are often stripped by the colouri.

Sacred Tamanu to Stimulate the Senses

We all love beautiful things, something sacred that can be used to invigorate, calm, bring joy and stimulate the senses. Goodness knows, we could all do with

How much do you know about Hydrosol?

Over 40 Mosquito Bite Itch Relief Tips - on the list: rub a dry bar of soap directly on the skin & the relief is near instant - will be trying that one at the cabin this summer!

Coffee & Sea Kelp Contour Scrub

Skin care professionals always try to relay the importance of full body exfoliation to clients.

Benefits of Uspa Aloe Hydrant Gel with Green Tea

One of the most effective hair growth tips is to use Aloe Vera. Massage Aloe Vera into your scalp. Leave it on for an hour and then rinse with warm water; this is amazing for growing long tresses.if this works I need to get an aloe Vera plant