FieldCandy Explorer Tent

Our range of four season Original Explorer tents which are delicately designed to the highest quality are built to withstand the most testing conditions. These amazing tents will never let you down!! #festival #festivalcamping #musicfestival #camping #tent #fieldcandy #outdoors #adventure #sleeping #sleepingwild
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Space Invaders

Modern A-Frame Camping Tents in a range of eye-catching designs. Highest quality Tents that are as epic as they look.

Rule Britannia

Rule Britannia tent - I want one bad! Though I am sorry to say the festival thing kind of missed my era!

Picnic Perfect

Lunchtime Camping Equipment - The FieldCandy Sandwich Tent from Urban Outfitters is Food-Inspired

Get a Room

Why sleep in a plain tent when you could spend the night in a Field Candy tent? This design is called 'get a room'.

Worlds Smallest Pub

Top 6 Gifts for Music Lovers -Worlds smallest pub original explorer personalised tent

Tow the Line

Stand out on the camping field with a cool tent. Shop funky tents available in a range of unique, eye-catching designs.

Tridhathach na hEireann

Tridhathach na hEireann

Snow White

Buy Snow White from FieldCandy: The ultimate angelic tent just for you - our smart Snow White tent is beautifully presented and extremely durable, even in the depths of winter.

Rebel Red

Buy Rebel Red from FieldCandy: Rebel Red explodes onto the fields and demands attention with a passion that plants fire in your belly.