Wedding Bells An Irish Wedding Tradition. These are cute

Wedding Bells are Ringing

I totally want a wedding wand! 50 Wedding Wands Lace Ribbon Bells Streamers - What a great idea instead of throwing rice, etc. and looks SUPER COOL for pictures!

Five old Irish wedding traditions you may not know about - WorldIrish

Many old Irish traditions have disappeared over the years, but when it comes to matters of love, there's a few that cling on. You may have heard of one or two, but there are a few lovely ones that are little-known.

10 Irish Wedding Traditions for Your Big Day - Bell-Ringing

Cowbell Display A sure way to break the ice? Have guests pick up sheep and cow bells along with their escort cards.It’s a call to supper, table assignment, and favor in one. Plus, it will make the seat-finding process sound like a game of musical chairs.

Ceremony ideas: wedding bells at your wedding ceremony to ring congratulations!

Real Wedding: A Handmade Tale in New England

Wedding Bells As the couple left the ceremony, guests rang antique bells, which also stood in for clinking glasses at the reception.