I found a Penny today

A penny from heaven. When my mom was dying from cancer we talked about this Penny from Heaven. I joked with her and told her I wanted a quarter instead of a penny. Sure enough, on the days that I miss her most.I will find a quarter.

May I Go Now? by Susan A. Jackson

This is simultaneously heartbreaking & comforting. I miss my little big man so much & will forever until we meet again! I'm so grateful Dr. Sloan made your passing over so peaceful for both of us.

This is a nice prayer, but the dark text on that dark background makes it hard to read.

I miss you fur babies and one day I pray to see you at the end of Rainbow Bridge.

This is about losing someone in death ... It feels the same ... I know it's my fault ... I still reel from the pain everyday ... I miss you so much I ache for you

Broken 💔 "Maybe people can't see a broken heart, but it doesn't mean it isn't broken. Since you've been gone, I feel like every part of me is broken. You were part of my heart and my soul. I miss you!" Jaak s 😪

"You'll Meet Me In the Light" Beautiful poem about dogs in Heaven

It broke our hearts to lose you but… – Heavens Garden

It broke our hearts to lose you but… – Heavens Garden