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This all-star cast of an album is the rock album that 2019 needed, its fast, progressive and loud...

Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders

This all-star cast of an album is the rock album that 2019 needed, its fast, progressive and loud. Each song flows into one another in an almost "Yes" like manner. Nancy Wilson sounds fantastic on "Don't look at me that way" this slow to begin with duet with duff Mckagan on Bass only can be described as epic there is a

Sh#t or Bust to Stanley Road Peter Blake, Lp Cover, Cover Art, Paul Weller Albums, Lp Vinyl, Vinyl Records, Rare Vinyl, Pop Art, James Rosenquist

Sh#t or Bust to Stanley Road

Paul Weller's third album is the great Stanley Road a record that has it all for me. It is considered very highly by many in the music industry. Voted the 46th greatest album of all time by q magazine. Paul Weller mentioned in 1998 that this is an album where all the stars aligned and everything fell into place. In 202

Tim Burgess - I Love the New Sky Primal Scream, Trending Hashtags, Quiet Storm, Indie Pop, Indie Music, Rock News, Album Releases, Blues Rock, Music Albums

Tim Burgess - I Love the New Sky

The Charlatans main man Tim Burgess has been one of Britain's busiest artists across this whole lock down, with the creation of his fabulous Listening party where musicians and fans can combine and share their views while listening to an album picked at random at the same time. Twitter is the platform of choice and the

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Neil Young- Homegrown. Neil Young, Pyramid Song, Robbie Robertson, Josh Homme, Emmylou Harris, Piano Cover, Independent Music, Music Promotion, Rock Music

Neil Young- Homegrown.

The album that contains recorded tracks between July 1974 and early 1975. Over the last few days since its release its seems to be the album loyal fans have been waiting for. Homegrown which had been in the back of Neil’s mind since 2010 to be worked on and released as part of his Archives. In 1974 after the work of On

  Primal Scream, Ferdinand, June, Singer, Album, Card Book, Singers

Albin Lee Meldau 2020

Albin is a Swedish singer-songwriter and musician that released his first album 'About You' at the start of June 2018. The album was produced by Björn Yttling who has worked with the likes of Primal Scream, Lykke Li and Franz Ferdinand the work towards production makes very satisfying listening. About You received 2nd

The Fontaines D.C- Dogrel James Joyce, The Clash, Dubstep, Mercury Prize, Liberty, The Smiths, Ian Curtis, City Sky, Album Of The Year

The Fontaines D.C- Dogrel

The Fontaines D.C's Dogrel is just one of those essential albums of 2019. Their solid punk sound hits you in the face from the get go and artistically mellows out slightly in the centre. With such songs like Roy’s tune and the Lotts which almost sounds like something from seventeen seconds by The Cure , it gives a litt

Liam Gallagher -Why me? Why not. Liam Gallagher, Blink 182, Local Music, New Music, Rockabilly, Oasis, Alright Now, Rock Y Metal, Retro Fan

Liam Gallagher -Why me? Why not.

To take this list of tunes and compare it to As you were is just not realistic. It's the same sound but it's more matured and Liam is right it is exactly what it says on the tin. Take it as an extension? For us since its release we wanted to get a full overview of all songs and give a true reflection of the album with

Grey Daze- Amends Linkin Park, Biffy Clyro, The Rolling Stones, Asking Alexandria, Steve Aoki, Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington, Kelly Clarkson, Bands

Grey Daze- Amends

This is Chester Benningtons first band seven years before the rise of Linkin Park the naughties most favourable rock band. All songs are unrealesed but re-worked and produced around Chester's voice which sounds incredible. Formed in Pheonix in the early nineties this post grunge band created by Sam Dowdell discover...

The Black Keys- "Let's Rock" Dan Auerbach, Aesthetic Grunge, Pink Aesthetic, Videos Skate, Nashville, Ohio, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock Sound

The Black Keys- "Let's Rock"

This is the duo's first project since Turn Blue released in 2014 and is a complete improvement. They seem to be taking the path of the simplistic blues rock sound which is what they are best at producing. This album may not get much traction as say the incredible El Camino album but there is a bit of a crossover betwee