Get sussed before you travel. Not everyone wants to jump straight into more study after school and even more don’t want to get a job right after university! What ever your reasons (gap year, dropped out, desperate to see more of the world) travel is always worth the effort put into organising a trip. If you’ve got itchy feet and a spanky new guidebook, read on about the choices that are out there and useful tips for a happy hippy trip.
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Travel |  Get sussed before you travel.

Travel to every state. This kind of goes with it: through a pin at any of the state's and travel where ever it lands.

Hot links for working abroad |  There are loads of websites you can check out which should help you find a job before you leave home. Here are a few sites to get you started:

Hot links for working abroad

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Travel advice for students

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Travel with nobody |  Opinion: As a 20 year old, I left Dublin...

Travel with nobody | Opinion: As a 20 year old, I left Dublin...

Study abroad |  One great way of travelling is to study or train in another country.

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Man from Calgary ends journey to unofficially become the world's most well traveled man, due to the extensive amount of time he spent in each place.