Peach Melba Soup

If you like to entertain and you want to be healthy too, this peach soup would be a stylish starter or dessert.

Asian Broccoli Salad in a Sweet Chilli Sauce

This flavourful Asian salad is an idea midweek meal packed with fresh vegetables. If you use tamari, the meal is gluten free.

Char Sui Chicken Thighs with Basmati Rice

Char Sui Chicken Thighs with Basmati Rice. Char sui is a rich Chinese barbecue sauce that is popular in Cantonese cooking.

Barbecued Nectarines and Raspberries

Don't be afraid to use the pan on the barbecue as if you were using a stove! Cooking nectarines on the barbecue gives them a delicious, caramelised taste.

Meringue Stack Cake with Cherries and Poached Rhubarb

With three layers of meringue sandwiched and topped with fresh cherries and poached rhubarb. this gluten-free cake is sure to wow guests for any summer gathering.

Spiced Salmon Kebabs

These skewers are perfect for get togethers. Don't be tempted to move the kebabs around on the grill or they will fall apart.

Steamed Salmon with a Grapefruit and Ginger Dressing

Steamed Salmon Salad with a Grapefruit and Ginger Dressing

Balsamic Steak Sandwich

This twist on the classic steak sandwich is easy to prepare and will certainly impress your guests.

Chargrilled Lemon and Garlic Pork Chops

The lemon and herb marinade is the perfect compliment to the chops - this gluten free dish is a total crowd pleaser.