Ponchos and Capes

Wrap up in our modern twist on the Aran Poncho and capes. Versatile, stylish and comfortable our Aran ponchos are a must for all seasons.
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100% Lambswool Cape Pink

Women's Woolen Aran Ponchos and Capes

100% Lambswool Cape Multi

pure wool Lambswool Cape from John Hanly. These capes are an ideal No sizing. They come with or without fringes. In the proper color this is delightful!

100% Lambswool Cape Multi Purple 613

Lambswool Cape - these capes are ideal presents for Christmas. One size fits all. Available with or without fringes.

Aran Merino Wool Poncho SH4272

This stylish and elegant Aran cable knit poncho is made in Ireland and is Merino Wool. Complete your look with a modern take on a classic style.

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