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All languages skew toward happiness: Research shows universal human bias for positive words

“Pop” Existentialism: A Psychological Epitaph

“Pop” Existentialism: A Psychological Epitaph

The Self, Nature, and the Dance of I and Thou

5 Reasons to be Grateful to God and be Filled with Joy

Surrendering Our Obsession With Certainty: Overcoming the Disease of Dogmatism, Part One

This billboard which states "Beware of Dogma" won a 2008 "Addy" Silver Award from the American Advertising Federation.

Welcome to the Existential Roundup, where we bring you links to some articles currently trending that may be of interest to those in the exi...

The Chariot of Zeus - Project Gutenberg eText from the 1879 Stories from the Greek Tragedians by Alfred Church.

Of Ladders, Crossed Fingers, and Socks on the Window

Of Ladders, Crossed Fingers, and Socks on the Window

Who Decides Death?

Capitalism kills, inequality kills, the military kills. The next four years may be the deadliest era for America and the world.

Waxing Existential: Eating Disorders and Meaning Making

Maria Raquel Cochez' art is shocking, invasive and downright degrading in every way. One of her installations involves .

I Kicked Facebook and My Senses Kicked Into High Gear

Beautiful gardens © Ian T :: Geograph Britain and Ireland

How To Change A Student's Life Forever

This is an activity for French conversation classes to help your students practice using the passé composé with être and avoir.