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Award winning Sorgenfresser (Worry Eaters)! Great for children with any fears or worries.

The Crystal Den
Frula is a cheerful pink Worry Eater Keyring that can be attached to school bags or pencil cases to remind children they can manage anxiety Autism Resources, Quirky Gifts, Autistic Children, Doll Maker, Educational Games, School Bags, Puppets, No Worries, Kids Toys

Hello! I'm Frula!Children often have fears, troubles and woes and don't always tell their parents about them. Psychologists and teachers recommend Worry Eaters as a waste bin for problems. Children simply write or draw their troubles and feed them into the zip mouth of the Worry Eater. Not that this solves all the problems straight away! the idea is that when a parent or carer finds the note or drawing, they can talk to their children about them. What's more, Worry E...