Raped Women More Dangerous Than Criminal Drug Lords - The Potato

Ever wondered what's worse than a murdering, drug pushing and socially eroding drug dealer in Ireland?

Edward Snowden Releases New Book - The Potato

The Potato can exclusively reveal today that the Where's Wally range of books are to get a modern remake and feature none other than international fugitive Edward Snowden.

Hoodies Tired of Discrimination - The Potato

Teenage gang members will have their brains scanned in an experiment to find out why they are so violent.

Women Delighted With Bishops Telling Them What To Do - The Potato

Women Delighted With Bishops Telling Them What To Do - The Potato

President To Be Questioned Over Pot Of Gold - The Potato

Forbes magazine apologises for incorrectly stating Irelands president is gay

Sisters Of Charity's Changed To Sisters Of Harsh Scabby B*tches - The Potato

Magdalenes from the Gloucester Street Laundry in 1960

Edward Snowden Meme - The Potato

Edward Snowden the NSA whistle-blower, now in meme form.

Kenny Commissions David Guetta To Remix Anglo Tapes - The Potato

Pierre David Guetta, known simply as David Guetta, is a French house music producer and disc jockey (DJ)

Finglas Man Revises Republican History Before Sun Holiday - The Potato

25 year old Finglas man, Anthony Donnelly, has begun spending hours every week delving into the republican past of the country, so that he can be prepared for drunken arguments with English tourists, when he hits Santa Ponza in the next few weeks.

Regina Doherty: 'I Speak Out My Arsehole and Not My Fanny' - The Potato

Regina Doherty has today come out and given details as to exact reason of her complaint against the comments that Senator David Norris made towards her during the debate on the Seanad.

Tom Barry Later Asks Aine Collins To 'Meet Him' - The Potato

In the farce that is the media outrage over Lapgate, it appears that the flirtatious and possibly slightly randy TD Tom Barry has asked his Dáil crush Aine Collins to 'Meet him' - a colloquial term used to court someone into a romantic, awkward kiss.

Snowden Rejected As Mosney Fully Booked For Summer - The Potato

OK I get that the travel industry has fallen onto the idea of "glamping" like a bunch of teenagers would on free MacDonald's burgers and anything that boosts

Anglo Tapes: John Bowe's Arse To Be Mined For Additional Funds - The Potato

INSIDE ANGLO: THE SECRET RECORDINGS. Tape recordings from inside doomed Anglo Irish Bank reveal for the first time how the bank's top executives lied to and scammed the Government and the People about the true extent of losses at the institution.

Confused Pro-Life Campaigners Sending Death Threats - The Potato

It would appear that a number of Pro Life campaigners have recently been getting the objective of their cause very wrong as they sent numerous politicians death threats in relation to the proposed abortion bill up for debate.

Peter Mattews New Book Dead Anyway - The Potato

Peter Mattews' New Book 'Dead Anyway' - The Potato